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Lifelong Learning College

If you love to learn, but don't want to enroll in a full degree program, the Lifelong Learning College may be for you. It is designed for students who want to take one or more college courses, but don't want to pursue a degree. You can take up to five credit hours per semester, and up to 30 credit hours total in this program. Check out the following guidelines to see if the Lifelong Learning College is right for you.

  • You must have a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  • You cannot currently be taking classes at UIndy or at any other university.
  • A $20 application fee is required, but you are NOT required to provide transcripts from prior institutions, except as proof of prerequisites for courses.
  • Continued enrollment requires you to successfully complete all courses each term you are enrolled.
  • Some courses may require prerequisite courses, which you may need to take before enrolling in those courses.
  • Acceptance into the Lifelong Learning College does not guarantee acceptance into any academic program at UIndy.

Download the Lifelong Learning Application (PDF)

Mail the completed form and $20 application fee to:

Admissions Coordinator
School for Adult Learning
Esch Hall, Room 103
1400 E. Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Note: The tuition-free Senior Citizens Program is available to persons over 65 and retired, who are invited to register for one regular undergraduate course at the University per semester. (Independent study, internships, practice, computer courses, private music and art instruction, and accelerated courses are not included in the program; senior citizens wishing to enroll in this program must pay all fees associated with their courses.)