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Ron and Laura Strain Honors College

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Are you an intellectually motivated student looking to showcase your knowledge and creativity?

Then consider UIndy’s Ron and Laura Strain Honors College. As an Honors student, you’ll be challenged with demanding courses, independent study, and leadership and service opportunities. You’ll do research under the guidance of a faculty member and exchange ideas with other outstanding students. At commencement, you’ll graduate with distinction, a life-long representation of the outstanding accomplishments you achieved through your scholarly pursuits within your chosen field of study.

Meet Ron & Laura Strain

Two University of Indianapolis alums and trustees, Ron and Laura Strain, have provided a $1 million endowment gift to support academic programming for the Honors College. In honor of this gift, the Honors College has been renamed the Ron and Laura Strain Honors College. Watch the video to learn about the Strains’ long history with UIndy. 

Honor student, Lauren Chilman, shows off the results of her Photography Honors Project

Honors Project

Here's your chance to prove leadership and initiative! Each student enrolled in Honors College completes an Honors Project, a thoroughly researched, prepared and presented personal endeavor that finalizes your achievements as an Honors student.

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Honors College is for any major, no matter what you are studying

Open to all majors

Honors College is open to high-achieving students in all undergraduate majors. The Honors program can even fit with the most academically rigorous majors on campus – such as nursing. Learn how Honors students such as Elizabeth Brinson are able to connect enriching Honors opportunities to their field of study.

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