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Office of Equity & Inclusion

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Inclusive Excellence at UIndy

The Office of Equity & Inclusion governs the University’s commitment to inclusive excellence by building upon a comprehensive strategy to ensure equal access to educational quality, benefits and resources, workforce development and leadership opportunities, intellectual and social development, and a welcoming environment for all members of the campus community. Our work is to make sure that everyone at the University is able to thrive and succeed.

We work to eradicate inequalities and discrimination, believing that our institution is incomplete without embracing cultural differences and diversity within our student body and workforce. Equity and inclusion is a core component of the educational mission at the University of Indianapolis, and we strive to uphold these values by instilling the structures and processes needed to better meet academic, cultural and social needs of all entering the educational environment. 


Through collective impact, the University of Indianapolis is committed to embedding Inclusive Excellence throughout the campus. The University will be a leading and aspirational higher education institution for equity and inclusion.

Strategic Priorities

  • Strategically plan for Inclusive Excellence
  • Empower all voices
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Advance a focus on equity-mindedness
  • Develop and enhance cultural influence

Inclusive Excellence was first introduced by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) as a methodology for helping colleges and universities realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and their positive impact on institutional quality. As a guiding principle, Inclusive Excellence is meant to include and engage the rich diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni and community constituents in the overall success of the university.

The University of Indianapolis has adopted a model for Inclusive Excellence that builds upon the four original principles forwarded by the AAC&U.

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