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Event information & tickets: 317-788-3251
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Event Ticketing Center

UIndy's Event Ticketing Center facilitates ticketing and reservations for most ticketed events on campus.

UIndy's Event Ticketing Center (E.T.C.) facilitates ticketing and reservations for most ticketed events on campus except athletic events. Please call our ticketing and information line for performance times, venues and other information.

Location: Ransburg Auditorium lobby (east entrance to Esch Hall)

Hours: Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Closed weekends, except one hour prior to performances  

Ticketing and Information Line: 317-788-3251

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Information about attending UIndy Arts events

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a UIndy Arts performance. The information listed below may help you plan, or feel free to call us at the number listed above.

What to wear

Some patrons wear jeans, while others dress up. It's up to you.

Purchasing tickets

Tickets may be purchased at the E.T.C. during regular business hours or at the performance venue one hour prior to most productions, excluding the Department of Theatre's annual dinner theatre. Tickets for that performance must be purchased in advance.

L/P credit for UIndy students

Student representatives from the Lecture Performance Series will be located in the lobby prior to every performance to distribute L/P slips. You must remain for the entire performance. Afterward, you may return the slip to the L/P representative.

Leaving unexpectedly

If possible, please try to leave during a scene change or between musical numbers to cause the least amount of disruption to other patrons and the performers. If you wish to return to the production, please ask an usher for assistance.

Phone calls & texting during performances

It is never appropriate to have a phone conversation or to text during a performance. These activities are disruptive to other patrons and the performers. Electronic devices can also affect sound equipment and communication systems, so please turn phones off (not just on silent or vibrate).

Taking pictures or videos

Photographing or recording of sound or video, without prior permission from UIndy officials, is strictly prohibited. For permission, please contact the specific department that is producing the performance.

Bringing children

As a courtesy to other patrons and the performers, please do not bring infants or preschoolers to the production. Some of our performances are not appropriate for children. Our advertising will typically note when a production contains adult language, themes or situations. If you have questions about a specific production, call the E.T.C. at 317-788-3251 during the times listed above.

Food & drink

Refreshments are typically not offered at UIndy productions. Please do not take food or drinks, other than bottled water, into any performance venue or gallery.

Other questions?

Call the E.T.C. at 317-788-3251 or visit during the times listed above.

$10 General Admission
$5 HS students
Free for children ages 10 and under
Free for UIndy students, faculty, and staff
Recently featured on the front cover of Guitar Foundation of America's Soundboard Magazine, Hawaiian guitarist Ian O'Sullivan blends the elements of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with classical guitar technique. A graduate of Yale University, O'Sullivan is a regular guest at many important guitar festivals around the globe. Come enjoy the warm sounds of North Shore of O'ahu, here at UIndy!