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At a Glance

Centers & Institutes

Center for Aging & Community

The Center for Aging & Community is one of Indiana's leading centers for aging studies, helping businesses and community organizations engage older adults with a focus on aging in place and meaningful work for older adults. Using an interdisciplinary approach that draws from UIndy faculty and resources in health care, education, business and other fields, the center develops partnerships to promote older adults as community assets and to improve their quality of life. The center also offers a Master of Science in Gerontology degree and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning

The Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) is focused on ensuring all children graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge needed for success in postsecondary education and the world of work in a twenty-first century economy. CELL has generated $30 million in funding to support its work as the leading convener, catalyst and collaborator for dynamic, innovative change in Indiana's education system.

CELL provides cutting-edge and action oriented leadership. Through partnerships with international, national and local education leaders and organizations, CELL brings together districts, schools, communities, universities and businesses to build a sense of urgency and form collaborations for equity focused, sustainable, statewide educational and economic improvement. Key funders include Lilly Endowment, Inc. and Lumina Foundation for Education.

Professional Edge Center

UIndy's Professional Edge Center provides internship, mentorship, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for students and new graduates. The Center helps students of all majors, particularly in the liberal arts, increase their exposure to and interaction with business professionals. The Center also seeks to create pipelines in entrepreneurship and industries important to the Central Indiana economy, and in which UIndy has strong academic programs and expertise: the arts, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing & logistics, communications, public service, and nonprofit management.

Richard G. Lugar Academy

The nonpartisan Richard G. Lugar Academy builds on Senator Lugar’s legacy of leadership and service by developing strong leaders through several programs:

  • The Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders, an annual event that brings high school juniors from around Indiana to UIndy to discuss public issues and world events. Many students who have participated in the Symposium over the past 36 years have become successful leaders in various fields.
  • The Washington semester offers a high-level study and internship experience in Washington, D.C., and is open to students from any college or university
  • A Lecture Series at UIndy featuring Senator Lugar

Institute for Civic Leadership & Mayoral Archives

UIndy’s Institute for Civic Leadership & Mayoral Archives uniquely blends past, present and future. Founded in 2011, the Institute houses the archives of innovative mayors Richard Lugar, William Hudnut III, Stephen Goldsmith and Bart Peterson, and also is a hub for conversations about vital issues in civic life. 

UIndy’s Mayoral Archives include documents, correspondence, news clippings, video, audio, photographs and artifacts. The collection contains more than 600 archival cartons that shed light on everything from routine city operations to major historical developments—the formation of Unigov, the school desegregation lawsuit, hosting of the Pan American Games, development of White River State Park, arrival of the Colts, and building sports venues.

Division for Professional Engagement

The Division for Professional Engagement, a division of the University’s School for Adult Learning, offers noncredit seminars, workshops and institute programs to help working professionals develop leadership, supervisory, and professional skills. Key programs include a Supervisory Institute for new and experienced managers and supervisors; a Leadership Development Series featuring workshops and institutes that promote leadership skills; professional skills covering topics in cybersecurity, emergency managment, continuous improvement, quality, and more, as well as customized on-site contract training for businesses.

The Institute for Postindustrial Leadership

The Institute for Postindustrial Leadership, a division of the University’s School of Business, is dedicated to the advancement of the postindustrial paradigm of leadership, and the reeducation of leaders in the 21 st century. With a grounding in cutting edge research that is reconceptualizing the traditional leadership construct, and a unique state-of- the-art development program, LEAD − The Journey of Discovery, the Institute partners with organizations to contribute to the science of leadership, and to invest in the personal growth and professional development of leaders at all levels.